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Leanness Lifestyle University
1-On-1 Honors Program
With Founder David Greenwalt

Hello and thank you for visiting,

You can have the body you want and permanent weight control once and for all. You can have both without attending any in-person meetings or living on someone else’s schedule.

My name is David Greenwalt and I’m a Certified Wellness Coach, an author, Professional member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the founder of Leanness Lifestyle University.

Due to my very busy writing, speaking and research I have very limited private teaching slots available. I only privately work with a handful of Honors students due to the time constraints. My normal 30-minute phone-consult rate is $250. But if, after reading about the Honors program below, you believe it's right for you then I look forward to personally working with you by phone, text and through the advanced teaching, tracking, accountability and motivation-centered website I created called Leanness Lifestyle University.

What Is The Honors Program?

The program I’m introducing to you in this letter is the Leanness Lifestyle University (LLU) Honors program. It is a six-month telephone and internet-based coaching program where you will work directly with me to implement evidence-based, time-proven strategies for maximum fat loss and body reshaping.

Before I tell you exactly what the LLU Honors program is all about I thought it might be good if you knew that before I created LLU I proudly wore a police officer's uniform for 10 years. And yes, I was out of shape.

I know what it’s like to look in the mirror in disgust and wish it were different. The before picture you see of me here is what I really looked like when I was out of the uniform you see me wearing at the right. It's true. While it didn't take me 10 years to achieve the "after" picture look I wanted you to see that it really is possible to get leaner and more muscular even though we're getting older. Some things, like HAIR, we just can't control and I've got a whole lot less on top now than when I was younger. But I'm a whole lot leaner, I've added muscle and I'm healthy.

10 Core Foundations Of
The Honors Program

  1. It’s time to let go of guilt over this area of your life.
  2. “Eat less and exercise more” doesn’t work.
  3. Weight loss is complex just as each of us is unique and complex.
  4. The processes necessary for most people who have battled weight too long are multi-faceted and deserving of a true higher-education experience.
  5. Through personal, one-on-one telephone and internet coaching directly with me, my goal is to enhance your personal growth with knowledge, support and accountability in the areas of advanced nutrition and exercise education, advanced time- and life-management skills, and personal growth.
  6. A good teacher is one who makes himself progressively Unnecessary. With a minimum six-month commitment from me to you and you to yourself my goal is to empower you to be permanently successful in this area of your life once and for all.
  7. Most people who have battled weight unsuccessfully more than a year are not likely to succeed at lasting weight-management success on their own.
  8. The best athletes and business professionals hire coaches and experts to save them time, to save them frustration and to quickly accelerate their learning curve for maximal results. If the best of the best are hiring coaches to become even better there is no reason you shouldn’t follow the already-proven path to excellence.
  9. You have within you what you need to succeed. My role is to draw your best attributes and values to the top and show you how to maintain behaviors in synch with your best qualities on a consistent basis.
  10. I meet you where you are yet I will inspire and challenge you to go beyond where you would go alone.

Diets and Gimmicks Fail 9 Out of 10 Users
Best-Selling Weight-Loss Programs Are Either
Unproven To Work At All Or They’ve
Been Proven To Give Pathetic
Long-Term Results At Best

We are a nation perpetually trying to get the weight off. This is because the so-called top programs fail their users eight out of ten times at best. It’s quite a racket when you think about it. If commercial weight-loss programs never really solve the problem of permanent weight control they will always have a steady supply of students trying to lose weight.

Unlike the revolving-door business model I've taken a different approach to solving my students’ weight-loss problems. When you work closely with me my goal, from day one, is to educate you, teach you step by step exactly what it takes to lose the weight, keeping a close, watchful eye on you only long enough for you to be permanently successful. You see, I believe a good teacher is someone who makes himself progressively UN-necessary.

I’ve always respected good teachers and I’ve now been a teacher of fitness for almost 20 years. Special Education teacher Paula Grasel from Gainesville Florida recently wrote me about her experience as a student.

“From a Teacher to a Teacher:

Earlier this year I attended a conference with a couple hundred fellow teachers, and it dawned on me as I looked around that we had probably become the most educated overweight group in America. I say this with compassion and understanding because three years ago I was a card-carrying member of that group.

At 54, I found myself 25 pounds overweight and feeling 10 years older than I was. I had spent three years trying every weight loss exercise program out there, and the only effect was that I was a somewhat less flabby 25-pounds-overweight woman. I had no energy for the 150 high schoolers I taught each day.

Then I discovered your book – “The Leanness Lifestyle” and tried to follow it without actually taking advantage of your personal coaching services because, like many of my fellow educators, I was CHEAP and balked at the fee. I had an epiphany, however, the day I opened my kitchen cabinet and saw the dozens of guaranteed-fat-loss supplements that I had tried and rejected over the years and decided to actually embrace the entire Lifestyle.

It was the smartest move I'd ever made. Using all the tools Dave Greenwalt has spent a lifetime creating, I lost all 25 pounds within six months and have maintained the weight loss for three years.

Not too long ago, we had a motivational speaker talk to our students about fitness and healthy eating. The speaker began by asking the students to name the three most fit people that they could think of. As students started yelling out names of professional football and basketball players, I heard another name, first whispered, then chanted and it took me a few minutes to realize that this group of adolescents was yelling the name of their 57-year-old female teacher. I knew then that this was the true highlight of a very successful 36-year teaching career, that long after they'd forgotten what I'd tried to teach them in the classroom, they would remember the lessons of fitness and health that David taught me and allowed me to show them.

Paula Grasel – Teacher
Gainesville, FL

Student Susan Crosby, a teacher from Brooklyn New York, recently sent me her thoughts on how my program goes beyond the five-word diet …

“Working personally with you I work on not only the front yard but the back yard as well. You can look great on the outside, but if you are broken inside, it doesn't matter much. With your help I started fixing the inside and I was shocked how quick the outside came along. If it was as easy as calories in, calories out we'd all be thin and perfect--but its not. You have helped me deal with all the rest that comes with why I wasn’t able to put the cookie down.”

Susan Crosby – Teacher
Brooklyn, NY

Allison Stradley, a teacher from Corinth Texas, gives even more insight into how she found success in my program by moving beyond the oversimplified calories in and calories out mantra …

“With your help I have grown as a person. You’ve taught me how to use my new knowledge to achieve my goals of weight loss and better health. Your program provides the resources for me to not only manage my weight but manage my life. You have really taught me so much about nutrition. You didn’t create some magic points system that has no functional meaning for health. With your help I have learned the true value of food.

I’ve also learned so much about the importance of muscle and how to get more of it. Through your Muscle Professor program and advice I am able to go to the gym and be admired by top performers. Before I would go to the gym and work out like a mad woman with no concept of how to benefit from the time. Today I go the gym focused and prepared.

When I describe your program to my friends, the number one response I get is, ‘Where do you find the time to do all of that computer stuff?’ The truth is it only takes me about 10 minutes a day to enter the needed nutrition and exercise data because of your streamlined system. The website organizes the data so that I may assess and measure my progress from a number of areas other than just the number on the scale.

For an emotional and compulsive overeater like me, being told I need to eat less and exercise more is not enough to help me achieve my goals. I know that being overweight is a complex problem just as I’m a complex person. With your program I am able to connect with others like me to gain strength from their experience. I also now have a positive outlet for my emotions other than food.

For the first time, I truly believe that I can maintain a healthy weight with the skills I've acquired through your program. You’ve taught me so much more than the simple recommendations of eat X amount of calories and workout X amount of minutes per week. You have given me the crucial points of a successful nutrition program not found anywhere else Thank you for the specific direction I needed for success.”

Allison Stradley – Teacher
Corinth, TX

Are You Smart Enough To Admit When
You Don’t Know Enough? If You Are Convinced You
Already Know Enough Are You Smart Enough To Admit
You Don’t Practice Enough Of What You Know?

There are a number of circumstances when hiring a trained professional makes a lot of sense.

When the main water line to your home breaks who do you call? A plumber of course. When your home needs rewiring who do you call? An electrician. When you need a legal document prepared you call an attorney. When you have a cavity you go to a dentist. When you are sick you see a doctor. When you need clean, accurate financial reports you call your accountant. When the transmission in your car goes bad you take your car to a trained professional and have it repaired. All of these people and many more have specialized knowledge and skills to solve specific problems.

Who do you call when you’ve tried to lose weight and keep it off permanently but you haven’t really ever been successful long term? If you are like most people you call no one. Instead you look for the next self-serve diet, gimmick, pill or gadget. Isn’t it funny how we don’t hesitate to call an expert when we realize we have inadequate skills to solve our plumbing problems but we do everything we can to avoid hiring and utilizing the expertise of a trained, experienced weight-loss professional when our health, self-esteem, sex appeal and the skin we live in everyday is at stake?

It takes a special person to admit that weight loss is a weak area and then to raise its level of importance to at least the level of plumbing or a transmission. The fact is ...

There is a mistaken belief that no matter what we should be able to figure out our weight-loss problem on our own.

And when we can’t figure it out there is a strong feeling of guilt and shame for not being able to get the weight off and keep it off. Yet we don't feel one bit guilty for hiring a plumber, electrician, automotive technician, attorney, accountant or doctor-- who all have specialized knowledge and experience in solving problems for those of us who do not have the appropriate skills in the respective field of work.

The good news is when you become an Honors student you can leave the guilt at the door. If feeling guilty and ashamed were key components to weight control you’d probably already be skinny as a rail! I know you have other skills and special talents. You have skills, knowledge and special talents in areas I do not—that’s for sure. What you don’t have, no matter how successful you are in other areas, is the knowledge and/or skills to put everything together, once and for all, to get the weight off and keep it off—and to do all of it the right way so it really becomes a part of who you are and doesn’t just feel like another diet.

I Meet Less Than One Percent Of My Students In Person
What Makes Me So Confident That I Can Help You and
Why Should You Trust A Man You May Never Meet?

Meeting a trainer in person is not a prerequisite or even remotely a guarantee for permanent weight-loss success. Neither is hiring a chef or nutritionist. I only meet one percent of my students in person yet no one in America has more success in helping people get the weight off and keep it.

Give me just a minute or two to tell you why you should trust a man you may never meet to help you achieve your weight-loss and body-transformation goals.

In 1999, after 16 years of building my own body, in-person personal training, researching and publishing fitness newsletters, I set out to do something no other weight-loss company had been able to do. Instead of failing my students eight out of ten times at best I set out to help my students succeed with weight loss and permanent weight control eight out of ten times at worst.

How did I plan to turn standard and accepted weight-loss failure on its head?

As an innovator I was an early adopter of the new Internet technology. I saw the power of the Internet almost immediately. I knew that if the right knowledge, personal communication and interactive tools were developed the Internet would allow me to coach you in a much more personalized manner, with greater detail, flexibility, and faster feedback than anything anyone could ever attempt in person. The Internet also never closes.

It’s Also The Truth When I Tell You That I Created
And Programmed Every Nutrition, Exercise, Motivation,
Communication and Accountability Tool
You Will Use To Support Your Goals

I began working on the Internet in 1996. I learned how to program a website well beyond putting words on a screen with pretty pictures. I’m self taught. In my early programming days I worked 14 hours a day six or more days a week. This schedule continued for months and months. It’s no joke when I say I had three programming books open at a time, one on my lap and two on a small desk, as I typed in code through a slow, dial-up modem—getting disconnected every 10 to 30 minutes.

When I first envisioned how I would help my students I didn’t want to become a programmer—I just found it to be a necessity. You see, no one had created the online tools I wanted my students to have access to. I also knew from my early Internet experience that paying an outside programmer would result in slow, expensive changes and massive confusion. Slow and expensive are two terms an innovator and trailblazer cannot settle for. Because I am the teacher and work in the trenches with my students on a daily basis the fact is no one knows what tools and systems are needed better than me.

I spent seven years between 1998 and 2005 researching, writing, coaching, teaching, creating, programming and refining my program. The first edition of my comprehensive body-transformation book “The Leanness Lifestyle” and my first online coaching program “Club Lifestyle” were released in 1999. The “Leanness Lifestyle” book is now in its fourth edition. LL University is now an intuitive and comprehensive suite of online nutrition, exercise, motivation, accountability and communication tools that help me monitor my many students, provide instant feedback and make sense of it all—the journey that is weight loss--for them and me.

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I’m Certified, I Have 30 Years of Experience,
I’ve Worked With Over 3,211 Women and Men and
Best Of All I Am 100% Confident I Can Help You
Achieve Your Weight-Management Goals

Over the past seven years I’ve worked personally with over 3,211 women and men just like you—frustrated people who haven’t given up the weight-loss fight or on themselves.

The combination of my credentials, education, personal and no b.s. coaching style, 30 years of real-world experience, interactive Leanness Lifestyle University website and relentless pursuit to invert the failure that defines weight-loss programs in America is what will make you the weight-loss success you deserve to be and what has already made me the most successful at helping women and men get the weight off and keep it off—permanently.

The best news of all is I know I can help you too. My preferred students and the type of person my program was specifically designed for are overweight average Joes and Janes, overweight athletes of yesterday, and figure, fitness and bodybuilding competitors. One thing is certain--You don't scare me--no matter what age, shape or current weight you are—no matter how bad your eating practices are—no matter how little or how much exercise you do. Your past relationships, mental or physical abuse or addictions don't scare me. All I ask of you is that you are honest with me. Together I am very confident we can deal with anything as long as you are willing, over time, to tell me the truth and always tell me the truth.

As a member of the LLU Honors program you’ll have me standing by your side for at least six full months as your expert nutritionist, exercise prescriptionist and lifestyle-management coach. We’ll talk on the phone, you’ll have my private cell phone number, we’ll communicate privately over the Internet with the program I created, I’ll get to know you, what really drives you to succeed, what your real dreams in fitness and health are, what drives you to overeat if you do, and we'll design a custom-tailored weight-loss and weight-maintenance plan guaranteed to work.

Your LLU Honors Program
Is Personal and Private
I Will Get To Know You Very Well
If This Scares You Don’t Let It
You and Your Past Don’t Scare Me

The LLU Honors program is highly personalized to meet the needs of the most demanding and discerning student. As an Honors student I will get to know you personally. I will get to know what makes you tick, what makes you want to run to food for comfort, what makes you livid, and what gets you excited about life.

None of us gets it all—I have certain key gifts that make me great at coaching women and men through amazing body transformations while educating them how to live lean for life. I also know you have special talents and I respect those talents and gifts immensely.

One of my greatest gifts as a personal fitness expert is my ability to read the written word or hear the spoken word and cut through the bull. I hear the things my students don’t, won’t or can’t say. I see the words my students are too embarrassed to write, the ones they hope I won’t notice are missing. This intuitive gift, one I don’t take lightly and have strengthened with years of practice helps me to better know what you are really feeling and needing at each point in your journey to better health, a better body and permanent weight-loss control.

As an Honors student you should not be surprised if you hear from me directly by text message or telephone if I just feel you need a swift kick in the pants--and I'm sure at some point you will--or if I'm just concerned about you or some life event you are going through.

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The LLU Honors Program
Is Incredibly Safe and Healthy

It’s a fair question if you are thinking this all sounds great but are wondering if you’re really going to be taught a method for permanent weight control that is evidence-based, scientifically sound, safe and healthy. The simple answer is—yes! I think it’s better said by students who have already read my book and experienced my coaching and Lifestyle University program for themselves.

With all of the personal-touch coaching you are going to get you might be giddy, almost salivating, over me creating a custom meal plan for you. I won't. It's not that I can't create a custom meal plan for you. With my experience and my tools that I make available to you through Lifestyle University creating a custom meal plan is a JOKE--easy. But creating one isn't where the rubber meets the road and any Tom, Dick and Hannah trainer can create a custom meal plan.

My teaching and coaching through LLU Honors isn't about doing what any Tom, Dick and Hannah trainer can do--it's about teaching you step-by-step TRUE lifestyle management that creates LIFELONG skills for LIFELONG weight control. If you want a spoonfed custom meal plan go hire someone to create it for you. I won't be doing that for you. Why say this now? Because we need to get real right now about what I know works, what I know everyone else (perhaps you too) THINKS they need and THINKS is what works.

“As a physician, I was initially skeptical about how healthy this program was long term. However, the more I learned, the more I realized it was physically and nutritionally superior to normal healthy standards.

Let me put it this way, if you could dream up an ideal lifestyle for yourself it would look exactly like David’s program: healthy, balanced eating based on cutting-edge science and physiology, exercise that transforms you into a leaner, fitter, injury-free person, decreased stress and increased energy levels, better sleeping patterns, greater self-awareness and more self-confidence.

The more I read about David’s program and the principles it was founded on, the more it made sense, especially as someone into the science of nutrition. There's no voodoo and goals are never vague.

When I finally had enough of yo-yoing and knowing what I was supposed to do, but not always doing it, I realized I needed something a lot more structured than what I already had in place. I needed the daily support and feedback, the concrete goals, the inability to be anonymous, and the accountability.”

L Carvajal M.D.
New York

“I am at the lowest weight now that I have been at in roughly 15 years and I am both thrilled and determined to keep and protect my investment in my health and well being. David, there is really no substitute for your constant availability. You are truly an expert in your field. Your feedback on my progress and pitfalls, your answers to any questions I have, advice, and accountability adds another dimension of intensity.”

Judith Carlson M.D. – Neurologist
Hartland, WI

You Will Be Supported
You Will Be Held Accountable Every Step Of The Way

You Will Never Feel Alone
Stranded, Lost or Stuck And
You Will Succeed

If you have no support at home welcome to the environment in which the majority of my students start their journey. It is rare to have a personal cheering section that is truly supportive of your next "stinkin" weight loss announcement. If you have support at home then you truly are fortunate and this will only help. Not having support at home is no reason not to start now.

When you work personally with me at the Honors level you must know and accept that I will help you stay accountable to your highest self-initiated expectations. You will not be allowed to break promises to yourself or lie to yourself or me.

Come As You Are!
Vegans, Low-Carbers, Food-Sensitive Types
Exercise Fanatics, Couch Potatoes
Video Exercisers, BowFlexors and Gym Members

Regardless of where you're at the good news is you can start right here and now no matter how out of shape you are or what exercise equipment you may or may not have.

It also doesn't matter what your current diet is, if you have a medically-restricted diet, are a diabetic or a vegetarian—as an Honors student you will work directly with me and together we will create the perfect program for you.

And if you're experienced and have the luxuries of a full gym or personal trainer then I can help you too. If you're a woman who wants to drop from 20 percent body fat to 10 percent I know exactly how to get you there--no question--and I'll help you get there. And if you're a man who wants to transform from 15 percent to a ripped 5 percent I've got you completely covered too.

Regardless of whether you are 400 pounds or 20 pounds from goal. Regardless of whether you have no exercise equipment at all or you are paying a top personal trainer $100 per session. Regardless of what or how much you are eating. You can succeed at losing weight and keeping it off—in creating a great body once and for all--and together we'll create a customized plan that's right for you.

There Is Nothing Like It Available
Anywhere In The World

With all of this said there's a lot of good news for you ...

As an Honors student your sessions don't end in 1-2 months leaving you wondering how to continue on your own after that. The Honors program is six months in length and you will be given an opportunity to renew for another six months.

Your Honors program includes everything you see below for six full months!

  • After you apply below we set a date and time convenient to you for a 20-minute "get to know each other" call. On this call we'll get a feel for each other and we'll see if we are a good fit or not. If either of us feels we are not? I return your down payment right away and we both move on with our busy lives.

  • If we both agree we're a good fit we set our first real consultation call. This call will take between 90 minutes and two hours. On this call I will ask you dozens of important questions so I can really begin to get to know you better--the real you.

  • Once our first real call is complete I will completely map out exactly what your six months is going to look like with respect to losing weight. Everything is completely customized based on your life, life events, vacations and many other factors. I know how to set your Honors period up for absolute success and all of this occurs within your first week of being an Honors student!

  • In concert with my amazing Leanness Lifestyle University website I will tell you exactly what you will need to do. I'll tell you how much exercise you will need to do, what kind of exercise based on your likes, dislikes, equipment availability and so much more. Based on food preferences, allergies and much more together we'll customize the precise eating plan that is going to allow you to live a real life, stop dieting, and lose the weight right on schedule, just like your Honors plan says.

  • With a full six-month plan in place we will begin talking on the telephone once a week for 30-60 minutes each week. The time will only vary based on how much we need to cover in any given week. I always set aside 30 minutes for our discussions. After 30 days we will discuss scaling back our calls to less frequency but never less than you need to continue progressing and staying on track for achieving every goal we set.

  • The exceptionally personal services I've described above and more are for six full months.

  • Once you become an Honors student you pay no monthly fees for basic tuition. This means that instead of paying $47 per month you pay nothing per month. If you were a regular member for one year you'd pay $564. Not only will you not pay that you won't pay a tuition fee at Lifestyle University ever again -- when you become an Honors student you are automatically given a Lifetime Membership to Leanness Lifestyle University and this means no more monthly tuition fees--ever!

  • You will have my personal cell phone number I'm not kidding about how personal this is.

  • Anytime communication with me during any week with Private messaging--a special feature for members inside the Lifestyle University website.

  • Increased feedback and communication from me above and beyond what a regular LL University schedule includes. I watch out for you. You will never get too far out of whack--I won't allow it.

  • Nutrition education
  • Meal-planning education and hundreds of meal plan options
  • Nutrition tracking software online
  • Workout guidance and help setting up the perfect home gym or how to best utilize the equipment you have available to you
  • Accountability to stay true to your weight-loss and fitness goals
  • Motivation to keep the fire burning long after the luster of the "new restart" feelings have faded
  • 24/7 access to my incredibly interactive and dynamic website for direction and feedback about your goal
  • Support from a group of like-minded people just like you

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Regular Enrollment Is Like Listening
To Your Favorite CD Through
An Incredible Sound System
As An Honors Student It’s Like Having
First-Row Tickets To The Concert

The differences between a regular Lifestyle University enrollment and me working with you at the Honors level are well said by members …

“Regular enrollment is like listening to your favorite CD through an incredible sound system. Working personally with you David I feel like I have first row tickets to the concert. Much of what I do is the same however the relentless execution in pursuit of what I want simply rocks. I mean it’s like taking the gloves off and being real with yourself. Once I saw what I could really do when pushed it expanded the places I knew I could go. I learned more about myself and what it’s like to perform at my best in working with you personally than I have doing anything else.”

John Wynn – Computer Technologist
College Station, TX

“I think this was the greatest weight loss experience of my life, and believe me I have had A LOT of experience with every diet known to man. I can't argue with the results and the benefits of the knowledge I acquired. Worth every penny and more!!”

Shanna English – Stay-At-Home Mom
Redondo Beach, CA

“As a new student I was spurred into action in a way that is difficult for me to do on my own. Instead of spending a great deal of time always getting ready for action, I was pushed into actually doing what it takes. I have been pushed to do things I didn't think I could and, on my own, certainly never would have.”

Staci Nelson – Mom/Wife/Fundraiser
Spokane Valley, WA

“I feel more in control than ever. I see the direct relationship between specific activity and specific results, and I realize I control all decisions and results. I think differently about food; recognize my strengths and my weaknesses. Most importantly, I see no insurmountable barriers now between where I am now and the final conclusion I am striving for.

I have a stronger personal conviction of what I am capable of. I know I can trust what I have learned to propel me forward; I don't need to go and research some more and some more and some more. I KNOW I can continue to move forward with no boundaries that I cannot overcome.

I’ll be honest—when I began David’s program I kind of thought I already knew it all—yet I was still unsuccessful and I had a tiny amount of energy left to give one last thing a try. I can tell you right now this will be the last thing I need to try. My search is over Coach. Even when I thought I was done searching I was still second-guessing. Your program sealed the door on my personal conviction because of what I was able to do...and because I know exactly how I did it. This means I can replicate it. Mystery solved. This girl's done playing Sherlock Holmes.”

Martha Hill – Transportation
Tacoma, WA

“I really like the overall feeling that I can’t fall through the cracks, that David will notice and call me on it. I feel like I have a personal trainer right here with me. Knowing I'm not just another name on the list, plugging along, and David will let me know what I'm not doing right when I don't even know that I'm not. The constant feedback and information keeps me interested. With the regular enrollment, more of that is left up to me, which is something I'm weaker in. I'm an excellent follower, not a leader.”

Marlene Mogge – Housekeeping Manager
Jasper, Alberta -- Canada

Sam Burch Lost 80 Pounds During His Honors Program
Click Here To Listen To The Interview

“I am at my lowest weight now than I have been in several years. (I am considering my weight at 120, not my weight now at 119 because this extra weight loss is attributed ot be ill). While I have been at this weight before, I have never really understood how I got there - how exercise contributes to weight loss, how calories are counted, how my body reactd to getting adequate protein and good fruits and vegetables. Additionally, this method of eating had helped my PMS and the menstrual migraines that I have suffered from since my college years. The physiologcal and mental affects that nutrition has - less fatigue, cravings, irritability, PMS

I've never shed 7 pounds this quickly before - it usually would take 2 months to lose barely 5 pounds and I still wasn't satisfied with the shape of my body.”

Joy Bernard – IT Project Manager
Houston, TX

“I'm fitting in size 8s that I haven't fit into in almost 3 years. I have muscle definition that I have NEVER had. I feel more in control of my eating than ever -- I will ALWAYS be a weight fighter, but I have finally come to terms with that. I am back in the 130's for the first time in almost 3 years. I am stronger physically and mentally than I have been in a very long time (if ever).

I LOVE seeing muscles in my arms, shoulders, etc. To see the muscles actually working is just so cool to me. Most of all, I love the way I feel. I used to desperately need a nap every day at 4pm, I had no energy and was usually just bumming out when my husband came in from work everyday. No more! I have energy like I haven't had in years - I dance while I cook dinner, I dance while my kids eat dinner - they love the free, live entertainment!”

Stephanie Steerman – Preschool Director/Teacher
Newnan, GA

“Coach, I finally feel like I'm looking at this long-term rather fighting each Spring to get into bikini shape for summer or a vacation or whatever. My mindset is changing and I finally feel like I'm getting it all together. I really feel like I am on the road to finding that lean weight I want for life and sticking around there for awhile instead of letting the scale shoot back up every single time. I am becoming an athlete. I'm enjoying sports now instead of just thinking about getting on the treadmill or indoor equipment for 30 minutes and ‘just getting it done.’”

Julie Arts – Business Owner/Medical
Gladstone, OR

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What Would You Expect to Pay
for Expert, Personal 1 on 1
Lifestyle, Weight Loss and
Body Transformation Support for
Six Full Months?

To be honest I can't put a price on what permanent weight loss and feeling better about yourself in every way is worth to you. The most recent research indicates that maintaining a normal weight can extend your life 11 years over living overweight. What is the value of not only extending your life but increasing the quality of all the remaining years you are going to live? That value is different for everyone.

Personal trainers who focus mostly on proper workout form routinely charge $70 or more per session and probably meet at least twice a week. That's $140 per week or $7,280 per year. For your money you will have their attention for about 30 minutes each session. I truly believe personal trainers deserve every penny they earn if they're good. But a workout is only part of the issue for weight loss.

You hire a local personal trainer to learn proper workout form, to force you to workout when you might not otherwise do it, and to workout harder than you would on your own. These are all good reasons to hire a local personal trainer.

But you don't pay a personal trainer to keep you accountable to your weight-loss goals. And accountability is an area I specialize in. And how would they help you stay accountable anyway? Most personal trainers are exercise specialists with varying degrees of nutrition knowledge. Some offer nutritional counseling--some do not. The nutritional component can be up to 80 percent of the weight-loss equation. It’s not uncommon for students to gain weight while working with a personal trainer not because they’ve gained loads of muscle but because they are still confused over their nutritional needs.

To be honest, in talking with dozens of certified personal trainers, most don't want the responsiblity and "pain" of watching over you during your weight-loss journey. It's not that they don't care--it's just that it's a tremendous amount of extra work for them--work they simply don't have the specialized skills to manage, the system to track or the time to manage.

What I offer is everything your personal trainer can't--my personalized weight-loss plan and support system fills in the gaps. Exercise, nutrition, emotional control, beyond-the-workout answers, accountability, motivation and personal support are all included when you are an Honors student. The only thing I cannot do for you is stand next to you in your workout area, correct your form and count your reps. If that is something you need I STRONGLY recommend you hire a qualified, certified personal trainer. I'll help you find a good one if that is something you want to do.

Some programs don't focus much at all on exercise but instead offer ready-to-eat prepared meals. These programs can be helpful to some people and being an Honors student will only help. Having your meals prepared for you isn't everything you need. You will still need beyond-the-meal answers, emotional control, accountability, motivation and personal support. Most prepared-meals programs will cost you $300 to $500 per month. The annual cost of a program like this is at least $3,600.

Utilizing the services of a Registered Dietician for nutritional counseling might be an option on the nutrition side. Their fees for private counseling will run you about $80 per visit. You'll probably meet once per week for 10 weeks for a minimal cost of $800. You may get a series of meal plans from them they feel are right for you but it really varies widely among dieticians. Even so, you won't have access to hundreds of meal plans used by other successful students I've worked with, you won't have your own Nutrition Tracking software included like I'll be providing, and you won't have the full package--the one that includes exercise guidance, motivation, accountability, tracking, graphing, reporting, 24/7 access and personal support. A full year of counseling from a Registered Dietician could easily run you over $4,000 with once-per-week visits.

There are perhaps one or two other programs at any given time that propose to offer personal support. If one is offered it's always incredibly expensive! If someone is offering their personal fitness services through the Internet they are routinely charging $600 per month. From my experience and listening to students who came to me after trying one of these others you mostly get cookie-cutter, cut-and-paste email "You ask and I'll answer" communication or audio MP3 downloads. I don’t even know of any other full-year programs that claim to offer personal support but at $600 per month you could easily spend $7,200 per year if you found one.

The Honors Program Is Affordable
WILL You Put Yourself First For Once?

Before I tell you what your investment in the LLU Honors program will be I want to make something very clear. There is always enough money to do the most important things in your life. There is rarely, if ever, enough money to have and do everything you think you want from life. I already know you can afford the Honors level of teaching and coaching. The question won't be can you afford Honors. The only question will be -- Will you put yourself first for once--right now? You have put many things and many people ahead of yourself and your fitness goals for a long time. The answer to when it's your turn has always been "Someday." When is it your turn? I say it's now. If not now then when? Are you willing to put off what we know will work in hopes, after all this time of not reaching or maintaining your ultimate, that you can self-serve this or find the $9.95 miracle cure on late-night television?

Will you move your health, fitness and weight-loss priorities ahead of other obligations to say yes to reaching and maintaining your physical best? Once I tell you what your investment will be this will make more sense so I'll only add this... It's not about can you afford Honors. It's about will you take your turn and make yourself a high enough priority to commit to your dream of achieving your ultimate body right now. That's it.

Your investment in the Honors Weight-Management Mastery program to receive every benefit I’ve just mentioned plus all of the intangible benefits of feeling and looking your absolute best with more energy every day for only $500 down and $500 per month for five months..

To make this an even easier pill to swallow I let you set up your credit card or Pay Pal payments at $500 down and then $500 per month for 6 months. Please understand this is a six-month program. This isn’t a quick-fix diet or gimmick where I work with you for four weeks and then drop you like a bad habit. And when you become an Honors student you should expect to remain a student for at least six months so we can ensure the weight not only drops off but that it stays off. The yo-yoing and failing must end!

So, You've Got 2 Choices

1. Continue To Do Whatever It Is You've Been Doing - If you haven't been successful at achieving or maintaining your weight, body and fitness goals so far then continuing to do what you've been doing but expecting different results won't change a thing.

2. Put yourself first for once, make YOU a priority, apply to become an Honors student and eliminate any chance of failing your weight loss goals again. You get every benefit I’ve discussed in this letter for six months.

It's your life and your choice. You've got nothing to lose. Decision time--Is it going to be Option 1 or Option 2? I look forward to working with you soon.

End Dieting and Yo-Yoing
Apply To The LLU Honors Weight-Management Mastery Now
Lock In The Current Price
End Out-Of-Control Eating, Condemnation
Broken Promises, Disrespect and Diet Failure
Honor Yourself and Lose The Weight One More Time
For The Last Time--Once And For All

Next Available Opening Is The First Week Of August 2012

Okay David, I have decided it's time to make myself a real priority. I want to end any Lifestyle University monthly tuition fees. With my commitment to the Honors path I know I will never again pay any monthly tuition fees at all for the rest of my life.

I realize the Honors program is highly desired and personal and that is why the next available opening is not until the week of 08/07/2024. You do not want to take on too many students at once because each Honors student like me deserves and expects your best and maximum attention.

I want the next available opening you have! I am going to apply to the Honors program today so I can lock in your current price and reserve the next spot. I'm sick of failing, yo-yoing, leaving my health to chance and being out of control with food too often. I realize now that I have special gifts and talents in other areas and even though I have spent a lot of time believing I should be able to do this on my own my lack of permanent weight-control results tells me I need help with my weight-loss and body-transformation goals. I need your help--the help of a uniquely qualified expert.

I want to personally work with you for six full months because I realize that anything less would simply be another false hope of a quick fix to a long-term problem. I've already done the alleged quick fixes. They haven't worked. Enough is enough!

As an Honors student I expect results and I expect personal telephone time from you--not a recording, not just email "ask and answer" stuff. I expect you to guide me on proper weight loss goals and to help me map it out entirely for six full months. I want you to analyze my workouts and to provide personal guidance and structure with the equipment I have or need and that will fit my busy schedule and preferences. I expect you to help me create a healthy, balanced nutritional program that I can fit into my life and that I can enjoy. I do not want some forced, limited meal plan you think I must eat. Help me make what I already know I like healthier.

Lastly, I expect you to watch over me, to help me to honor promises I make, to reach out to me if you see me drifting or stumbling, and help me see the forest through the trees in this journey.

I understand that I will begin my final weight-loss journey by applying to the Honors program and the first step will be demonstrating commitment by putting $500 down today toward the investment total of $3000 paid as 6 equal monthly installments at $500 each. After I finish with this I understand that step 2 will be you and I speaking on the telephone. After I apply I expect you to email me within one business day to set up a convenient telephone time. I realize you will need to ask me several questions to ensure we'll be a good fit for each other since we'll be working together for six months. I understand also that if I decide I don't want to do this program after our phone call I can contact you by phone or email within three business days with my decision not to go ahead and I'll get my $500 back right away--no questions asked. If I decide to stay I realize I'll be automatically charged $500 per month for the next 6 months to complete my investment in me.

Don't you think you owe it to yourself to become a part of this unique program? The LL University Honors path is simply the best, permanent weight-management program there is--period.!

Serving you to create a personal lifestyle that creates the body of your dreams,

David Greenwalt B.Sc, - Founder
Certified Wellness Coach (ACSM)
Professional Memember (NSCA - CSCS in 2000)

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