Would You Like to Have a World-Class Personal Trainer on Call to Give You the Perfect Workout Everytime? ---
Muscle Audio Professor Makes This Possible!

Hi, my name is David Greenwalt and I have created something that will greatly improve your resistance-training workouts. It's called Muscle Audio Professor, there is nothing like it anywhere in the world, and I guarantee you will love having me (that picture to the right is of me taken within a few days of my 40th birthday) take you through your workout with audio.

Here are some quick things you must know about the all-new Muscle Audio Professor:

  • Every Muscle Audio Professor recording is designed to be listened to on CD or downloaded to your MP3 player for playback while you workout. I am with you from start to finish.

  • Each recording is set up in seamless tracks. Because the tracks are seamless there is no pause between tracks. This way, as you listen to the recording, it just flows without any sound breaks. Every set of every workout is on its own track. This way it's easy to go back and listen to something again or find your place should you accidentally push STOP or shut your power off mid-workout.

  • I, David Greenwalt CSCS, personally record every workout created and it's my voice.

  • You never have to look at a clock with the Muscle Audio Professor. I make sure every set is explained and that you start it on time with the right amount of rest between sets. Just listen and do what I tell you.

  • You never again have to wonder if you are doing the right tempo. Are your repetitions too fast or too slow? Custom-designed Muscle Audio Professor recordings end these questions because I count every repetition at the right speed so you can follow along perfectly.

  • The music is up tempo (see SAMPLE below) and your music is played as background unless I am not talking—then I really crank up the music! All music used is legally licensed, copyrighted and exclusive to Muscle Professor.

  • Muscle Audio Professor recordings are not only educational and instructive but I guarantee you will feel like I'm right there with you motivating you to get every rep and finish every set.

  • By putting the MP3s on your i-Pod or MP3 player you can even take me to public gyms to do your workout.

What Are Users Saying About MAP?

"Dave's custom workout routines are like having a world class personal trainer on call. I've been training for years and Dave's workout got me out of my rut and into a routine that is fast, fun and far more effective. If you want to get the most out of each visit to the gym this is the way to go. I'm now looking forward to my workouts instead of fooling myself into reasons I can't go. My wife wants to try it too. Highly recommended!"

Jeff Madoff
New York, NY

Coach, I just finished working out with my cd for the second time. All I can say is MY PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!!!! I had my tempo all wrong when I was on my own. I just loved it from start to finish, I was actually bummed when it was over, I was so into working out and doing what you were saying. When you said 'it's over I thought 'wwwwwaaaaaaaaa.'

This journey has been one of a lot of faith. When you are near 300 lbs and someone tells you to eat some veggies, get moving and deal with emotional issues that are holding you back, you kinda think....ya, okkkkkkkkk.....but you have to step out in faith and just do it. It seems like such an impossible task. Now here nearly a year later, my faith is taking form in the shape of a halfway decent looking body and feeling wonderful!


Jayme Goffin
Crown Point, IN

I am an experienced trainer and have always used a stop watch to keep my rest periods consistent. Yet, rep tempo itself is subjective to fatigue, the load itself and your own concentration. No matter how hard you try, this important muscle-building factor is lost unless you have a personal trainer right there with you, OR you have what Dave has now made available to us - his Muscle Audio Professor (MAP)! I was blown away by how “honest” the new Muscle Audio Professor keeps you during each set and every rep!

David says the MAP is like having him right there with you and he's not lying. It really is like having David right there with you, counting your reps, keeping you focused, and encouraging you through each set. And yes, even being a pain in the butt as he pushes you to new levels he knows you are capable of.

Here are just some of the other things I really like about MAP:

  1. I can concentrate completely on each rep and the muscle I'm working. Since David does the counting for me it frees my mind to focus on getting in a PERFECT rep each time.
  2. My tempo is PERFECT on each & every rep of each set. As an advanced trainer I know how critical time under tension and tempo can be.
  3. I don't need my stop watch! David has EVERYTHING timed! Just press PLAY & GO!
  4. I know before I start each workout exactly how long it's going to take since David is there with me from start to finish.
  5. Being experienced I was surprised at how having David there, coaching each rep, really pushed me to work harder and do my best.
  6. To be honest - I’m just blown away! I really don’t want to workout with my MAP anymore! Its addictive! :-)

Tom Roehl
Greenfield, WI

All I have to say is "WOW", these are super! The set up, the exercises, the count...everything is so well thought out and right on target. I printed out the workout sheet from the Muscle Professor and took that to the gym with me. In between sets, David says not to just sit there so I got up and walked around and checked off each set on the sheet. Now the warmup sets aren't included on the MAP, but he let's you know ahead of time so you can pause the workout to do them yourself. Bam, turn it back on and you're right back to it. The count was a lot different than what I normally do and it was such a nice change! I got to failure on the Barbell Seated Front Press at 11 on the last set of 12. And my arms were pretty pumped when I left the gym. :)

Oh, and I had my husband listen to a little bit of it (he was wondering what I was loading on my MP3 player and I showed him). He was really impressed! He said David has a great "audio" voice, and that's a compliment coming from him because he listens to radio talk programs everyday. He thinks he should be a disc jockey, LOL! :)

Two big thumbs up, I LOVE these! :)

Kathy Gonzales
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I did the workout today for the first time and all I can say is that is friggen killer, I love it! How can I order one of these workouts for my girlfriend and personal assistant?


Joe Polish
Tempe, AZ

I recently got a Muscle Audio Professor workout and I have to say I'm thrilled with everything about it. Coach started the workout with a brief but thorough explanation of what lay ahead. He included form pointers and safety tips, as well as time to get equipment, letting me know “I'll be back in twenty seconds.”

We started with Chest- Barbell Bench Press. The first thing that struck me was how much slower an actual 2-second lowering of the barbell was than what I had been doing in the past! Talk about taking the momentum out of the movement! I actually had to lower my weight slightly because I hit failure early.

Dumbell Incline Flies-- Talk about tough. Coach knew just when to throw in an encouraging comment—when my pecs were screaming for mercy prior to the last set!

Dips—David gave great form pointers to ensure the focus would be on the triceps. He cracked me up before the last set when he deadpanned “the average American is downing their 27th Double-Stuff Oreo right now, but that's not you and you're here, so let's go!”

Dumbell Hammer Curl—I told Coach that biceps were my least favorite body part to work—to me, there is nothing more tedious than counting endless sets of curls. Let me tell you, this made such a huge difference for me. I got to watch my bicep swell and pump in the mirror instead of focusing on the count. I just zoned out to the music and David's voice and thought about my biceps growing. It was over before I knew it and was even enjoyable.

Dumbell or Band Side Lateral Raises--the last exercise of the workout. I was astounded when Coach signaled that we were at this point. I was almost disappointed that the workout was nearly complete.

Something that really made the recording awesome to navigate was Coach chapters every set! Mine had 17 natural chapters, which makes it a cinch to navigate between exercises, or “rewind” if I need more time getting equipment or water.

As a woman in a male-dominated and occasionally unfriendly-feeling gym, it was nice to have Coach's reassuring, encouraging, and familiar voice in my ear. It made me feel less lonely and self-conscious, and it also gave me something to focus on between sets, which made the time pass quickly. I couldn't believe when the workout was over, as it truly flew by.

I highly recommend MAP to others, from beginners to hardcore gym rats. It is easy to grow with; you just lift heavier! For me, as someone who loves video exercise and feels a little intimidated in the gym, it is nice to have that encouraging "friend" with me. It also keeps me focused and Dave is a lot harder on me than I am on myself!

Shannon Kelly
Boston, MA

I just opened my Muscle Audio package I got today - Awesome, and all I can say is WOW! What a totally awesome product! It was like Chrismas! Everything from the packaging, to the case, and the book (which I adore!)is fantastic!

I can't imagaine anyone NOT taking advantage of this program. I did my first workout from the set on Wednesday and having you there from the start of the explanation of each exercise, to the counts and holds of each move, then to the finish, is just the tip of the iceburg in the greatness of this program! I know that I definitely got EVERYTHING I paid for, and more.

Anyone who is teetering on making the decision to purchase, I want you to know you are truly getting more than expected. It's great knowing I now have my own personal trainer with me, and have a multitude of workouts that will last me forever! Thank you for such a professionally packaged program. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Sharon Nanny
Wichita, KS

Coach, when I got my printout from the Muscle Professor I was thinking it must have been on some serious drugs when it suggested what weights to use. But here's the really cool thing. Dumbbell Incline Bench Press--I kicked up 40-lb dumbbells. I actually got a 40-lb DB in each hand above my head!

For TWO YEARS I wrote a goal of doing 35s, but I could never kick them up. After using the Muscle Professor for the past four months and now using Muscle Audio I kicked up 40s today. I don't even really understand how your system made it possible but I'll take it.

Thank you,

Mary Leach
Jacksonville, IL

Just Imagine the Difference

Just imagine the results you would see if you could have me personally coach you through your workout. Even if you lived in an area close to me, due to the high demand for my expertise and the demands on my schedule, it would be impossible and quite honesty, cost prohibitive, to make such a dream possible... but what if......

Now you don't have to imagine. Now, through a breakthrough technology I've designed a way in which I can be your own personal muscle-building coach guiding you through your workout, designed to produce results from the moment you step into the gym till the moment you cool down after each invigorating workout session.

How Does Muscle Audio Professor Work?

Click to Listen to Example of Coaching for First Set of Barbell Bench Press

I will coach you through each movement, making sure you are concentrating on proper exercise form. No need to worry about reps or tempo—no guess work! Each rep becomes a "perfect" rep. Instead of focusing on counting and tempo you can completely focus on each muscle you are working and you will FEEL the difference! NO wasted time! NO wasted effort!

It's NEVER been this easy or this effective. It's the ultimate workout EVERY time!

You will have me, "THE Coach," in the gym right with you!

You'll never again need to wonder; "How much weight should I be using?" OR “How many sets should I do?” OR “What exercise do I do first, and then what?” You are guaranteed each repetition of every set will bring you one step closer to your goal!

Once you use this innovative technology you'll never want to workout without the Muscle Audio Professor again!

What Music Is Available on Each Recording?

The music on your Muscle Audio recording is upbeat. It plays as background while I am talking and loud and proud when I am not talking.

How Much Does it Cost?

Only $49.95 For 12 Workouts!

Only $19.95 for 2 Workouts To Try It Out!

Two workout sessions with me in person is $200.00. When we part ways I guarantee you'd have more education and good memories but what you wouldn't have afterwards is me telling you what to do, when to do it, for how long, in what manner and more. When we part ways I'm gone.

Now for about the price of 15 minutes with me in person you can have 12 workouts custom-engineered to produce results for years to come, removing every bit of guesswork from your Muscle Professor workout.

Bonus 1 - Breakout Routine To Break Boredom and Shake Things Up - Included with any 12 workout Order I'll include a breakout routine called "Dave's Super 8"! This workout is used to "break out" of your normal routine (good to do about once a month) and really stimulate you and those stubborn muscle fibers that just won't seem to respond. This breakout workout can be used with any weight-training exercise! $19.95 VALUE

Bonus 2 - Stretching Program Designed by Stretching and Flexibility Expert Chris Frederick - When you order any 12 Workout Muscle Audio program I'll include an awesome stretching program called Stretch to Win. Stretching guru Chris Frederick holds your hand and walks you through four core stretches everyone can do and benefit from. This is the perfect compliment to your Muscle Audio workout and what I personally use at the end of my Muscle Audio workouts now. Easily a $19.95 value!

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